Testimonials from Past Students

"Your videos and quizzes/tests were amazing, and the reference manual was worth its weight in gold during the exam. I knew NOTHING about surveying before your course but you got me from zero to passing score in a quick, efficient manner, and provided excellent customer service on top it. I will highly recommend you to anyone who asks."

- Travis Smith, PE

"There are not many surveying courses out there and your class was exceptional. The practice exams were key to building my speed. The quizzes were also great for practicing. Your notebook was well organized and virtually all I needed for the exam. The tabs were great too as there is no time to mess around with finding a page. Your response time to any of my questions was phenomenal and you really helped clear up any questions I had. I am so grateful this is done and I owe much of the credit to you! Thank you!!!!"

- Shanta Keeling, PE

"Skip the expensive, heavy books--if you want a focused, flexible study aid, this is it. Thanks for helping me pass!"

- Alex Martinez, PE

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude toward Mr. Kirk Torossian for his excellent surveying review course that helped me pass the October-2015 exam with ease. As the majority of exam takers complained about the level of difficulty of the survey exam given in Oct. 2015 as they could not finish the entire exam within the allowed 2 hours 30 minutes. However, I found it very easy and was able to finish the whole exam within the time frame thanks to the excellent and well-prepared materials from his online class. I did not have to have other materials to study for the passing. I just had his lectures, notes, quizzes, and practice exams to study, and I finally passed it while I could not do it before. Again, thank you so much for your wonderful surveying review class. Now I become a newly registered engineer."

- Chinh Dinh, PE

"Thank You for the great course. It was everything I needed to get through the exam. I took each test I 4-5 times which really increased my speed at working the problems. And speed is everything on the California Specific Exams."

- Shawn Ryan, PE

"This course is the best way to prep for the exam. Practice problems are similar gauge to the exam. All prior material I bought prior to this course gave me poor preparation, including the ppi2pass books. I took the exam the same time as another guy and he brought the ppi2pass book to the exam - I could hear him sighing in frustration/stress every 3 minutes. I know how he felt. That was me the first time."

- Adesh Prasad, PE

"Having no previous field experience nor survey courses during my undergrad, I thought the lectures, quizzes and practice tests were very informative and beneficial for preparation of the exam. I can't tell you how many times I took the exam before signing up for this course and finally passing! Thank you!"

- Shawnele Morelos, PE

"Thank you Kirk. I passed the CA PE Exam. Your course was very organized and I am glad I took it."

- Tewfik Boutaleb, PE

"I wanted to take this moment to express how pleased and grateful I am for taking your civil survey review course this past fall. I struggled with the surveying portion for quite some time, and I found your program to be very straightforward and motivating. Keep up the good work, and thank you!"

- Joseph Tasca, PE

"I owe my success on this exam to your course. Thank you for providing such a well structured program."

- Talina Barajas, PE

"All the subjects covered by the exam, were covered in this course. Overall, this course was a great refresher and great practice for the exam. I am glad I signed up. The computer based exams helped tremendously. The make you feel comfortable during the real thing."

- Jesus B., PE

"Thank you so much for all your advice and help. I thought the videos and test prepared me very well for the exam. I felt quite confident after leaving the test. Again thank you."

- Nensi Lakori, PE

"Thank you Kirk! This class was extremely helpful, especially the practice tests. Also, your customer service is incredible! I ran into a problem with my account, and you emailed me back and fixed the problem within minutes on a Sunday."

- Kristin Cole, PE

"It is an excellent class I recommend to everyone who want to pass CA surveying exam."

- Addis Ambaye

"Thanks Kirk. The course certainly put me over the hump."

- Trevor O., PE

"The lecture videos are incredibly helpful. In my opinion, a lot of the material in the exam simply builds on basic concepts like geometry, but Kirk did a really great job putting those basic concepts together and explain how to applying it to the exams. He also breaks down ways to solve problems, which is extremely useful for the exams. I averaged around 85% on the practice exams, so I felt pretty comfortable going into the real one. I was fairly relaxed throughout the test and I was able to finish all the questions with around half an hour to review questions that I wasn't sure about, so I think that's a good sign. Thank you for all your help and good work for putting this resourceful course together!"

- Angus Chan, PE

"The questions for the quiz and practice were very practical and related significantly to the format and content I saw on the actual exam. Thanks to you and Kirk I had a well formulated preparation for the exam. I didn't find anything "surprising" on the exam because just about everything was reviewed in the videos."

- Natalie A., PE

"Thank you very much for your great course in helping me pass the exam."

- Connie L., PE

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