Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find frequently asked questions broken up into categories. If your question does not appear in this list, please use the contact form here, or email us.

Over 480 questions are included and we are constantly adding new ones. This is enough for over 8 practice exams or nearly 64 quizzes. You can see the exact question count in Question Bank Page.

If you run out of questions for tests or quizzes, you can reset your question pool. Resetting your question pool, will mark all questions as “unattempted”. It will not erase your previous results, scores, or statistics.

Yes. In the quiz option you can choose from any of the 4 categories or even refine it down to specific problem types (eg. horizontal curves, map scales, etc).

The practice tests are generated using the exact criteria from the new 2018 test plan.
We created all of our questions to be either medium or hard in difficulty, which best represents the actual exam. In addition, all topics from the new 2018 test plan have been included. We strongly believe that this is the best representative computer-based practice tests available for the civil surveying exam by a large margin.
The questions are intended to be answered online with an active internet connection, and thus you cannot download tests or questions.
When bought by itself, you will have 3 months of access from your registration date.When bought in a bundle, you will have 4 months of access from your registration date. Afterwards, discounted 10-day, 1-month, and 3-month access can be purchased if you need a little more time.
Accounts are activated immediately after the payment is made. Your account will betied to the username that you will create when registering.
No. Your access to questions and explanations will be blocked after account expires. You can still see general results in your dashboard but you will not be able to see question text or explanations after account expiration.
Yes. If you have purchased a subscription, there are flexible extension options allowing you to get a 50% discount on terms starting with 10 days and all the way up to 3 months. To take advantage of this discount, account must be renewed within 6 months from the end of the initial time period. Otherwise renewal will be at the regular price for 3 months.
No. You pay once for the initial registration. If you choose to extend your account duration, you will have the opportunity to pay for that separately. This is not a subscription.