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The Civil PE Surveying Review Program includes eight high definition videos with eight quizzes carefully breaking down each major component of the California Civil PE Surveying Exam. The following is an excerpt of our Differential Leveling Section.

Practice Test Sample Question:  

The questions in the three practice tests of the Civil PE Surveying Review are similar to the actual California Civil PE Surveying Exam in format and content. Each question has a thorough answer detailing how to answer the question quickly and the methodology of answering other related questions. The following is an example of a question with it's corresponding answer explanation:

The radius of the circular curve in the figure is 786.77' and the intersection angle (I) is 103°59'. If the forward tangent is offset 70 ft out, the radius of the curve needed to hold BC at the same location is:

  • 1013.17 ft
  • 843.15 ft
  • 841.48 ft
  • 723.75 ft

Practice Test Sample Answer:

Answer Explanation:

Since we are offsetting the forward tangent (tangent line along the end of curve point EC), we need to find what the new tangent (T') is. We also know that the intersection angle (I) will not change since an offset is a parallel movement (see figure above). Once we find the new tangent (T'), we can use the same equation we used to find the original tangent (T) to solve for the new radius (R').

Note: The larger the tangent line (T), the larger the the radius (R) or the intersection angle (I). Since we know that the intersection angle remains the same, we can conclude that the radius will have to increase, so you can easily cross out one of the answers.