Pass the California Civil PE Survey Exam With CPESR

Why Choose Civil PE Surveying Review

Civil PE Surveying Review (CPESR) provides prospective Civil Engineers with the most complete and time effective course for passing the California Civil PE Surveying Examination. The entire course is based on the latest 2018 test plan. We guarantee this with the three key elements of our program: 

1) Dynamic On-Demand Lecture Videos with Section Quizzes
2) Four Computer-Based Timed Practice Tests
3) Civil PE Surveying Review Reference Manual

On-Demand Lecture Videos (Last updated: September 2021)

This is where it all starts. We have put careful consideration into creating presentation videos that not only break down key survey concepts and examples step by step, but also demonstrate shortcuts that you can use during the exam. This will dramatically improve your timing and your ability to quickly identify what the questions on the actual exam are asking - two common problems that test takers have. Click on the video here to see a quick sample!

Computer-Based Timed Practice Tests (Last updated: September 2021)

How do you know where you stand with the exam without practicing in a real test environment? You don’t! That’s why our program contains four computer-based timed practice tests - It's an absolutely vital part of our program! These exams are designed to replicate the testing environment. Once you’ve completed the exams, you will be able to view our detailed answer key. Like the videos, we break down everything step by step including tips and tricks you can use on similar problems. We will even give you a diagnostic of your exam showing you your strengths and weaknesses.

Reference Manual (Last updated: September 2021)

Finally, we will send you our Civil PE Surveying Review Reference Manual. It has been thoughtfully put together to ensure that all concepts and materials are in their correct places. Key concepts have also been tabbed for quick accessibility. This promotes speed and efficiency not only during the test but in the way you learn.

Where Our Students Are From

The following are some of the schools that our students have graduated from:                                              

 Cal Poly SLO UC Davis
 Cal State Northridge UC San Diego
 Cal  Poly Pomona San Diego State
 UC Berkeley Columbia University
 Stanford University of Michigan
 UCLA  University of Minnesota
 USC University of Illinois
 Cal State Long Beach Virginia Tech
 Sacramento State Purdue University
 Loyola Marymount Georgia Tech
 Cal State Sacramento Clemson University
 San Jose State University of Vermont
 Oregon State Univeristy of Florida
 San Francisco State Union College
 Santa Clara University University of Hawaii
 Washington State NC State University
Our Guarantee!
We are committed to providing you with the best review course available and the best possible chance at passing the Civil PE Surveying Exam. However, if you do not pass the exam, you can retake the Civil PE Surveying Review Course for FREE one additional time.