CPESR Full Course

The Complete Package for All Experience Levels

Last Updated: June 2024

The Best Civil PE Surveying Course

With 24/7 Instructor Support

The CPESR Full Course provides prospective CA Civil Engineers with the most complete and time effective course for passing the California Civil Engineering PE Surveying Examination

Full Course Includes:

  • 18 hours of dynamic lecture videos covering all aspects of the latest Test Plan
  • Mailed Reference Manual
  • Lecture Quizzes with each Video Section
  • Question bank (Test Center)
  • Prompt phone and email support
  • Certificate of Completion and Receipt
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Detailed Lecture Videos with a Reference Manual designed for the Exam

images of question bank


On-Demand Lecture Videos with Quizzes (Last updated: April 2024)

  • 18 hours of dynamic, dense instruction covering all of the survey exam’s main content.
  • No wasted time in the videos as seen in other course videos. Videos are created and edited for the sole purpose of high comprehension in minimal time.
  • Streamed videos that not only break down key survey concepts and examples step by step, but also demonstrate shortcuts you can use during the exam.
  • Accessible 24/7 on your own time.
  • View Anytime, Anywhere, and on Any Device including iPad and Android tablets. All you need is internet access.


Reference Manual (Last Updated: June 2024)

  • 200-page manual covering all essential California Civil Surveying Exam content.
  • Includes thorough images, diagrams, and examples explaining all concepts in detail.
  • Color tabs for easy maneuverability, promoting speed, and efficiency.


Full Practice Exams or Quizzes

You decide how to use the question bank. Choose between the full 55-question practice exam or 11-question quizzes, both timed or untimed.

In addition, you can choose questions from the 5 categories on the exam (e.g. Survey Planning or Construction Surveying) or refine down to specific problem types (e.g. Horizontal Curves or Map Scales).

Best of all, this question bank is available anytime, anywhere, and on any device!

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Need More Help?

We are here to ensure that you fully understand the concepts and are comfortable with the material. Email us at [email protected], and we will promptly answer any questions that you may have. 


All of the above for 3 months for $339 or 5 months for $379


"This is the second course I've taken in preparation for the exam. I felt much more confident after having taken this course. I also learned how to solve the problems I didn't understand the first time I took the exam. This course also helped me improve my speed in solving the problems."

- Heather L., PE

"Thank you for the great course. It was everything I needed to get through the exam. I took each test 4-5 times which really increased my speed at working the problems. And speed is everything on the California Specific Exams!"

- Shawn Ryan, PE

"Your videos and quizzes/tests were amazing, and the reference manual was worth its weight in gold during the exam. I knew NOTHING about surverying before your course but you got me from zero to passing score in a quick, efficient manner, and provided excellent customer service on top of it. I will highly recommend you to anyone who asks."

- Travis Smith, PE

"Skip the expensive, heavy books -- if you want a focused, flexible study aid, this is it. Thanks for helping me pass!"

- Alex Martinez, PE